Saturday, February 2, 2013

Vintage Vogue-ish Inspired

Photos by: Kim Garais

Today, I was inspired to shoot a way like Vogue's vintage black and white fashion, channeling some inner darkness,  the vintage cat-eye minimal makeup, sexy back and a wavy hair. :)  And anyway, I had my hair colored into black again, and it's ombre no more. I love it this way now. 


Thursday, January 31, 2013


Outfit Details: Banana Republic Tee (dad's) ; H&M Snakeskin Leggings; Studded Boots from Macau.

This is quite a late post though. I know I've been super lazy posting in my blog, and for the sake of having this blog updated, I took a photo of myself.. lol. 
Anyway, I wore this outfit last time when my mom and I went to the town to run errands. I'm not usually the kind of girl who wear boots, but i took a risk to try it and paired it with my snakeskin leggings. I hope i rocked my outfit, what do you think? :D 
I've been really really busy that I couldn't afford to open my blog even if I wanted to. 

Just to share with you guys, a friend of mine slash a photographer asked me to model for their online shoppe, so nextweek we will have our shoot done, and ofcourse I cant wait to post it soon here in my blog. Stoked! :) Just keep posted guys!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Birthday Girl

 This is what I wore during my birthday.

Outfit Details:
Sheer Top - Maru's Bazaar
Camouflage Skirt- Mom's Closet
Platforms- Primadonna Shoes
Necklace- Bloggers United Bazaar
Spiked Bracelet- Tweetums Aksesoris



Forever 21 Birthday

Hello Kitty-fie Cake by: Tita Melanie Guyo Gutierrez
with my pretty sister twinnie.
with my gorgeous mommy.
with Kuya Wewel. (my sister's boyfie)
 CANDLEEEE! hahaha!

Last January 11, 2013, I celebrated my 21st birthday. I would like to thank God for giving me another year to experience the beauty of life and to continue my wonderful journey in earth. I'm indeed grateful for having a wonderful family who always guide and support me in everything, I may not have a boyfriend who will always be there to show me love, but I guess time will come that I will be able to meet the right person reserved for me. 

In my 21 years of existence, I had faced a lot of fears, I experienced pain, I cried, I laughed, but at the end I made myself stronger and happier. And now that I already turned 21, I will continue to grow and be a better person.

My wish is to have a healthier life for me and for my family, more success in my career path and hopefully a happier lovelife maybe?hahaha!! :)))

Thankyou to all who greeted me on my birthday. You guys don't know how happy I am, for spending a little time to greet me a happiest birthday tru Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Emails.. I truly appreciated all the efforts an all the love. :)

BTW, the photos above are the photos taken during my simple celebration with my beloved family. We had a simple pizza party at Calda Pizza, home of the largest pizza in town! :) It was really fun celebrating with your lovedones eventhough it's just a simple celebration. 




These are some of my 2012 looks. Thanks to my Blog Sponsors! Thank you readers for supporting my blog and my lookbook. 

I'm looking forward for a better year. More looks coming your way! :)

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 Happy New Year from my family to yours! :)
I know this is quite a late post, but I still I want to greet everyone a Happy New Year!! :)

2012 has been a good year for me and my family. Hope it's not yet to late to thank everybody who've been part of my 2012, may it be a new or an old friend, a stranger maybe.. 

Thankyou to my Blog sponsors JFDK OnlineShoppe, Vintage Attic-BatangasIstyle Co, for trusting me to endorse your brands and for sponsoring my blog for this year 2012.. I'm indeed Thankful to God for everything, this 2012 has been good enough to me.. I would also like to thank Tweetums Aksesoris for being my #1 blog sponsor. for featuring me on their style files, actually it was really my dream to be featured there since then.. :). 
Thankyou so much to my followers and blog readers for the support. You guys are my inspiration to do well. I couldn't thank everyone enough. This 2013, I hope and expect this year will be much more awesome! :) Hoping all of you will still be with me on 2013. God Bless us all!! 


These are the moments I wouldnt forget in my year 2012.
1) Graduating from College. 2) Received a medal for winning in a Regional Compet. 3) Being Featured at Style Files. 4) Bloggers United 3&4. 5) Ombre Hair. 6) Trip to Macau. 7) Collaborations and Sponsorships. 8) Meeting new circle of friends.